Spotlight Q3 2019

Quick trip to Tahoe – Try out the new bike path

Wondering what to do on a weekend where you actually have nothing to do? Aside from enjoying your downtime, you can also take a quick trip to Tahoe and enjoy the newly constructed bike/walking path from Incline Village to Sand Harbor.

I had heard about this path opening up the weekend of June 28, 2019, and it sounded like a perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Tahoe and get my kids out of the house and into cooler temperatures. We borrowed a bike rack, loaded the bikes and took off for the mountains!


I would recommend getting an early start. There are parking lots at the beginning of the path (Incline Village) and also at Sand Harbor. There is a parking lot in the middle of the path, however it is only for 20 minutes and perfect if you just need to get out and stretch your legs.


There are trails to the water that you can walk to from the path and Hidden Beach is a beautiful place to stop and eat lunch and take a dip in the water. This is a beautiful spot where many boats are anchored and safe for little kids to  play in the sand.

Tahoe is such a magical place that we are lucky to live close to. Science proves that nature provides us an opportunity to relax and restore. Take the whole day to breath the fresh Tahoe air and dip yourself in the clear, healing waters!