Spotlight Q2 2020

Getting Clear—Bringing some sanity to an evolving world

March 13, 2020 seems like years ago. It was a Friday. My children’s school gave parents an option to keep their kids home based upon Covid-19 concerns. They would be shutting the school down for maybe a couple weeks at the most. Parents were told we may even have an earlier Spring Break than usual. I had dinner plans that night with three friends from the office. We agreed on a restaurant in Midtown and when we met there, it was apparent things had already started to change. Less tables, more sanitation and an uneasiness weighed heavily in the air.

When I consider that we are now 3 months away from that time, I almost don’t believe it. The three months have been a blur. At first, I felt confused and baffled. Then the fear swept me up in a wave. This fear turned me upside down and made me want to hold on to my children even tighter. I got information even when I was not seeking it out. Everyone was guessing. Everyone seemed lost. Friends I have had for a good portion of my life, now felt farther away. I couldn’t feel people, only saw them or read their words through a screen. The screen became my substitute friend. It also became my own children’s teachers, playmates and sources of distraction.

There was some good that came from the “break.” Waters cleared, air cleaned up, animals began to arrive back into their habitats. Beaches became less crowded, lakes were quiet without the sounds of boats. Family bike rides and neighborhood walks were part of the daily routine. My own backyard flourished with bees, a new garden and three little chicks.

Reality of work and school was a real thing. It was amazing to watch our office step up to the plate and navigate Zoom and continue to seek, serve and do justice. Life kept going. For some, life was tragic, for others, life was renewed. There was such a wide array of experiences, beliefs and ultimately emotions.

As we stepped into June, the world appeared to erupt. With national guard and police in riot gear, our office became a setting for unrest, again. But this time, the separation was palpable. Not only have we been separate from the physical office, but in a way, we have been separated as a DA Family.

So, where are we at now? What can we do to find our anchors and gain footing? How do we rejoin and meet ourselves again? One way I try to do this, is to take time for myself. As a mom of three, I still need space. It’s not easy, but it can be so therapeutic. Many will have residual trauma from not only Covid-19, but also from this time of turmoil. Is it ok things appear to be falling apart? Yes, if we can believe that this is necessary to rebuild in a positive way. As always, Livewell is here to support you on this path back to working downtown and in the office. But this is also a reminder to take care of yourself. Your bodies, your minds and your emotions. We are still in the thick of the things, but we don’t have to be lost in the weeds. Seek out what makes you feel, dare I say, joyful. And also recognize what may be contributing to your anxiety. Take a screen break, turn off the news, journal, dive into a new (or even old) book. Take a hike, find a quiet spot, whatever it is, its ok to take care of yourself. We know that before we take off on a plane, we are always instructed to put our oxygen mask on first before we help those around us. Clarity comes with time and space. Be kind to yourselves and those around you. And I look forward to seeing you on the other side!