LiveWell@sacda is the health and wellness program started by Anne Marie Schubert for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office in 2017.

The program is designed around a 12 month calendar- every month having a different health/wellness related theme.  The DA’s Office invites speakers, trainers, nutritionists, and other experts to educate, assist, and inspire the DA employees to focus on issues such as hydration, movement, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and other topics.  In this way, the DA’s Office partners with and learns from the experts who are part of the Sacramento County health and wellness community…

Some events are promoted through healthy competition and incentives, discounts, and prizes.

Part of the program is the formation of a walking group- “DAWG” which encourages all employees to walk during the day during designated times and routes.

The program evolves, grows and seeks to meet the wellness needs of the office.  The primary purpose of LiveWell is to improve the health and well-being of the DA family and their own families, at work and at home, through connection, support and education.