DA Walking Group (DAWG)

DAWG – DA Walking Group


“DAWG” is a walking, support, and information sharing group.  When you’re sitting at your desk feeling stressed, scattered, or overwhelmed, it is time to walk the DAWG.

The goal of DAWG is to recognize that all employees are more productive, happier and healthier when they take time to move throughout the day.

Every employee of the Sacramento County DA’s Office is invited to meet at 901 G Street on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and walk for 20 minutes at either 10:30 AM or 3:00 PM.

The walkers will meet at a designated location at the designated time and walk a designated route.  This 20 minute walk amounts to one hour a week that is separate from one’s normal break times.  Employees will need to coordinate with their supervisor and colleagues to ensure continuity of work coverage.

Join the DAWG pack, move your body, and return to your desk better able to handle the day.

Remember to bring appropriate walking footwear and a water bottle.

Look for more details, starting times, and dates on the LiveWell@sacda website.

It is important to wear comfortable shoes when walking. Ask us about ways to learn more about getting fitted with the best shoe for YOU!
Track your performance as you walk. Use any number of available devices and see just how many calories you are burning as well as distance covered.
Get out of the office and join our walking groups. We are all ready to walk and enjoy the outdoors together. Nature is calling, let’s get out there!

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