7 Vegan Breakfasts to Jump-Start Your Morning / 7 Vegan Breakfasts to Jump-Start Your Morning

7 Vegan Breakfasts to Jump-Start Your Morning

The alarm rings. You get ready, rush out the door, head toward a drive-through to grab coffee, then crash a couple hours later once the caffeine wears off. Sound familiar? Mornings can get pretty hectic, and if you don’t make time to eat breakfast, you won’t have any fuel in your body.

Or maybe you do eat breakfast, but you grab a greasy sausage-and-egg breakfast sandwich that leaves you bloated and tired an hour later? Meat-heavy breakfast foods are pretty standard in American society.

What is the best way to start your day?

Breaking Your Fast

First, think of the word breakfast. If you break it apart, it literally says “break fast.” When you’re sleeping at night, your body is fasting. So the first thing you put into your body in the morning is pretty darn important—you’re breaking your fast! When you break a fast, you want to think of foods that are nutrient-dense so your body has something to feed off of. Nutrient-dense means food that has high nutrient value, versus some foods that are more calorie-dense or others that are both nutrient- and calorie-dense. An example of this would be a bagel versus an apple. A bagel is high in calories and low in nutrients. An apple is high in nutrients but low in calories.

When you hear nutrient-dense, think fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. A great way to eat a lot of nutrient-dense foods is with vegan recipes that are loaded with a wide variety of vegetables or fruits and other plant-based foods like oats and chia seeds. All nutrient-dense! When you flood your body with nutrients in the morning, it gives you the fuel you need to jump-start your morning and power through the day.

Try these seven vegan breakfast ideas to give your body the boost it needs to have an energy-filled day. They are pure, nutrient-dense plant power!

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1. Mango Detox Smoothie

2. Almond Protein Smoothie

3. Coconut Yogurt with Fresh Berries and Hemp Seeds

4. Sweet Potato Toast with Almond Butter and Banana

5. Chia Pudding with Apples and Strawberries

6. Pumpkin Overnight Oats

7. Fresh Green Juice with Banana

Chris Lewis