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FREE week to Fitness Rangers!

This month you all will receive a FREE week to Fitness Rangers! You can read more about them below. You are all going to be split up into teams (some units will be combined to make the numbers more even). When it’s your week, get as many people from your team to work out at Fitness Rangers (double days count)! DA Support Staff will be considered “Bonus” as they will be counted for their respective Teams as well as during the admin week. The competition will officially start On Sunday, January 21st and go through March 3rd. Results will be announced the following week.  More details about the fantastic prize and your assigned groupings will be sent out via email. All you need to know is that this all starts January 21st with the first introductory class!


Adam A.- OWNER: “Achieving a goal is not a means to an end, but rather a means to a new beginning” Adam is the owner of Fitness Rangers, he has created a fitness program that produces maximum results in minimal time. It will push you to your absolute physical limit and then make you do 20 more. His philosophy, which has been developed over the past decade in the fitness industry, revolved around dynamic innovative movements that constantly challenge the body’s musculature system. Specialized Skills: Plyometric conditioning, Flexibility Training, Weight loss, Dynamic fitness, Certifications: BS, Ace CPT, Crossfit Level 1

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