Essential Survival Skill for Trauma Survivor Advocates

Self Care

An Essential Survival Skill for Trauma Survivor Advocates


To those who work in various capacities with trauma survivors, first…thank you. Thank you for choosing to get up each day and advocate for Good. Thank you for choosing to serve humanity by doing the work you do.


You’re likely well aware of the potential you have to experience an enhanced sense of meaning, purpose, respect for the strength of others, and connection with humanity through your work. But if you’ve been in this field for a while, you may also realize the potential for negative effects as well.

Professional isolation, emotional drain from empathizing, difficult client populations, long hours with few resources, ambiguous success, unreciprocated giving, or failure to live up to one’s own expectations for creating positive change, can all lead to cynicism, loss of compassion, depression, discouragement, and avoidance or emotional “numbing”.


It often seems that taking care of ourselves is just one more thing to add to our already overflowing plate. In which case, the knowledge that we “should” take better care of ourselves can sometimes add to our stress. But we have to find a way around this. Because taking care of ourselves is truly the thing that helps the very most–the thing that makes all the hard stuff feel, not just more manageable but also, more rewarding.


Do not let your need for self care add to your stress. Let it add to your life.


Asha Urban Baths and Asha Yoga were built to create space for you to slow down, unplug, connect sometimes with yourself and sometimes with others–in order for you to let go, de-stress, re-charge and enjoy life. We both know you need this.


Asha Urban Baths

Healing and rejuvenating here is as easy as it gets. Grab a swimsuit (get over that part if need be, it’s worth it!) and just show up to sauna, soak and lounge. The hydrotherapy process relaxes tension, induces mental and emotional relaxation, balances the nervous system, releases dopamine (which combats stress and improves mood), boosts immunity, and re-charges energy. Bring a friend or soak solo. Both community and time alone rejuvenate tired bodies and depleted spirits.


Asha Yoga

Everyone is touting yoga these days for good reason. If you’re up for exploring it, Asha Yoga is unique. We take things slower than most, the room temperature is ambient, and we cater both to beginners and those who want to fine tune their practice. We do have some power yoga flow classes, but we have a lot more restorative, slow, quiet, mindful movement kind of classes. We believe life is often too busy and fast, so we encourage yoga practices that allow time for slowing down and taking plenty of deep breaths.


Selfcare is an essential survival skill for trauma survivor advocates. You’ll do better work and enjoy your own life more if you care for yourself in ways that nourish, heal, and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.


If you can do the hard and good work you do every single day, you can do this.


Take care and be well,

Cori Martinez