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Discount @ Midtown Fitness and Boxing

One of two options to DA employees:

$25 a month for (3) three Boxing classes per  week on Mon-Wed-Thur at 6-7  am (beginning fitness and boxing fundamentals, commensurate with interest/experience level)


$50 a month for (3) three Boxing classes per week Mon-Thur at either 5:30-6:30 pm or 6:30-7:00 pm (same class description as above)


In order to take advantage of this deal, just call the phone number below and tell them you work at the DA’s Office.  Midtown Boxing will take it from there.

Phone: 916-584-2563

Located at 2407 J St., suite 102, Sac, 95816 (next door to Rick’s Dessert Diner at 24th and J)