Scott Divine – Midtown Fitness and Boxing

Midtown Fitness & Boxing is a great little gym conveniently located next to Rick’s Dessert Diner on J and 24th.  It specializes in boxing training for the beginner and has a family friendly atmosphere.  In addition to all the punching bags and the boxing ring, it has the usual gym equipment consisting of weights and treadmills.  But the focus is on ‘the sweet science’, and there is no better 45 minute workout for getting into shape than the old school boxing workout.  A class usually consists of warming up, jumping rope, and gloving up to hit the heavy bag.  Dre is the main instructor and he’s a great guy, very encouraging.  You do NOT have to spar and no one will punch you in the face!  A number of my co-workers have taken the classes, Anna Zepeda and Claire Neves, and they loved it.  In fact, they did end up sparring…against me (both bouts were ruled a draw).  And that’s the great thing about the gym.  If you want to take it to the next level, you can.  Otherwise, you can simply do the workout.  I highly encourage the class for confidence building, getting into shape, stress relief, and self-defense.  It’s a safe and fun place to learn boxing basics.  Next to actually knocking someone out, in the ring of course, you can’t find a better way to burn off the work day stress.

And Claire Neves says…

Midtown Fitness is my favorite place to work out! I started there without any knowledge of boxing, intimidated by the thought of stepping into a “boxing gym.” The staff there quickly made me feel welcome and worked with me to achieve my fitness goals. The workouts are fun, dynamic, and challenging, combining boxing and conditioning. Even in a group setting, the trainer gives 1-on-1 attention to every member and focuses on proper form and technique. At Midtown Fitness, I improved my physical fitness and gained personal confidence, while looking forward to every workout. The gym also has machines, weights, and a shower, and is only a 5 minute drive from the DA’s Office. The professional staff there is awesome to work with and I can definitely say, this place has changed my life for the better!