Ancil Hoffman; Through the eyes of Casey Newton

Suburban Wilderness – Ancil Hoffman Park & Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Want a genuine wilderness experience right in the heart of Sacramento County? You don’t have to travel any farther than the Effie Yeaw Nature Center, located at the rear of Ancil Hoffman Park in Carmichael.

Ancil Hoffman is filled with outdoor opportunities, with an (almost) three mile loop running trail, golf course, huge play field, and river access.

But the highlight of the park is the Nature Center and Area. The Nature Area has three self-guided trails – each about ¾ mile long. The trail system is part of a 100-acre nature preserve with riparian and oak woodlands, shrub lands, meadows, and aquatic habitats. The trails are open daily from dawn to dusk. In the summer when the temperature is roasting, the best time to visit is in the evening.  It’s a great place for a relaxing walk after work.  It’s an especially great place for families.

Many varieties of animal species live in the nature preserve. See deer, squirrels, coyotes, wild turkeys, rabbits, snakes, hawks, owls, woodpeckers, songbirds and waterfowl on the river and ponds, as well as tracks or signs of many other animals.  If you visit at the right time, you may encounter a Mike Neves or a Molly Steber circling the park on the running trail!

There is always something interesting to see so bring your binoculars and view the wildlife up close!

The Nature Center Building with exhibits, information, live animals and the book and gift store is open:

February through October

Open Tuesday through Sunday: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

November through January

Open Tuesday through Sunday: from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Call to confirm hours of operation for the day (916) 489-4918.

2850 San Lorenzo Way (off Tarshes Drive)
Carmichael CA 95608