Good Day Sunshine

The Beatles sang it way ahead of their time, they were right on the mark and it’s never been so relevant than in our overall health. We need the sun to thrive and the nutrient it generates within us Vitamin D3!

It actually performs more like a super hormone than a vitamin in its actions to boost immunity, moods, energy levels, bone density, muscle recovery, and works to protect us from hundreds of disease states we may have inherited from our elders, slowing the ageing process. 15-20 min of sunshine daily on a naked body would be sufficient to keep levels up high but since most of the population wouldn’t be able to get that, supplementing with a good formula that includes vitamin K2 with D3 to “key” the assimilation into the system is a must. In the USA our D3 average levels are around 25nl/ml, with pregnant and nursing moms holding the lowest levels out of everyone generally. Recent recommended levels have been raised with more data and research coming out from the Vitamin D council experts regarding the positive benefits to 50-70nl/ml and over 70nl/ml for anyone suffering from cancer or heart disease. My take is why wait until those disease states mature, get up to 70+ on the scale, stacking the odds in your favor NOW! Bottom line: get your levels checked ASAP with your doctor (you have to ask for the test) and move into action! A simple blood test is all it takes!

My recommendation is the best formula out there, Ultra D3, from Dr. Garland.

Mention you read this article and get the membership discount pricing. This formula has the essential Vit. K paired with Vit. D3 to insure proper absorption and whole food Vit. C from Amla berry along with trace minerals to round out the synergy. Good Day Sunshine!


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