LiveWell, Year in review 2018

“We show up, burn brightly, live passionately, hold nothing back, and when the moment is over, when our work is done, we step back and let go.” Rolf Gates (Meditations from the Mat).

This quote sums up 2018 for me. There is so much to process about this year and for some it has brought abundance and for others, loss. But what this quote reminds me of is that there is always an opportunity to let go and begin again. In that space of renewal, hope lives.

The LiveWell program is approaching a year old and from the beginning, the goal was to create a program that would serve you.Youwho contributes continuously and fiercely to this office. To you who volunteers your time, spends your weekends and tirelessly pursues justice for the citizens of this county.

So, what did the LiveWell program do in 2018? We introduced the DAWG walks which gives each employee 20 minutes, three times a week to get outside and move. These walks were authorized to give each employee an hour outside of their scheduled breaks, to do the most important exercise we can, to move our bodies! We also have yoga in the monthly rotation in the newly minted Jan Scully Training Center space. If you have not been yet, come check it out!

We also introduced a new vendor in the break room and added more of a relaxed aesthetic. This was in hopes to make the space more inviting as well as healthier. We know that sugar does not fuel our bodies in a positive way. To cut back on the sodas and give alternative offerings is just one small step toward wellness.  Here are some other highlights from the year!

  • January/February- a launch of the program and a partnership with Fitness Rangers to get you moving!
  • March- Mindfulness (Free month at Zuda yoga)
  • April- Hydration (Discount at Capitol Floats)
  • May- Minimalism (Asha Urban Baths and Boxing)
  • June- Get outside/connection with nature- (Yoga on Pitch hosted by Sac Republic)
  • July/August- declutter (1stannual Clutter exchange)
  • September- Simplicity
  • October- Creativity (Free Solo discounts at Tower Theatre)
  • November- Gratitude (Spartan Race with DDA Keith Hill)

The success of this program resides in you. We hope to continue the conversations about what we can do to best support and serve you. We are a work in progress and are committed to evolving with the needs of the office. Wellness goes beyond just stepping on a scale and achieving an ideal image of ourselves. It’s about knowing that we are enough, whole and complete, just the way we are. By no means should we shy away from self-improvement, but sometimes just acknowledging where you are in the process can be the most empowering.


So where do we go from here? What does 2019 have in store for the LiveWell@SacDa program? Again, we are committed to hearing your feedback and implementing the changes and offerings you wish to see.


As we round out December, we are focusing on self-care. We know this is a very busy time of year that can cause stress, anxiety and depletion. We have included some tips on how you can squeeze in time for yourself and fill up your cup, so you can fill up the cup of others.


Then, when all the shopping is done, the decorations have been put up and then put away, the parties and celebrations have slowed down, then it may be time… to take a step back, say goodbye to 2018 and usher in the New Year!