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Plan Your Path to Wellness

Thank you for joining us at our February event. The topics and vendor offerings are listed below.

Also you can find 2 great videos, one will get you energized with a short 4 minute workout. The other will educate you on the current movement to move farming away from chemical dependency and return to true organic system.



Fitness Rangers:

1 week free, sign up sheet is located in room 348 @ 901 G. See the ongoing deals for additional savings.

Zuda Yoga

 30 days FREE for anyone who did not use this offer in 2018. Sign up in room 348 @ 901 G. See also ongoing deals for additional savings.

Alexa Garcia:

She is a personal trainer and is offering onsite body weight workouts at the lunch hour. Dates and location TBD.


Jump start your wellness in just 4 minutes!

ZACH BUSH MD | 4 Minute Workout


Farmer's Footprint | Regeneration : The Beginning

Try some great, nutritious, delicious fruit smoothies.