Spotlight Q2 2019

Spotlight:  Community & Government Relations Unit


LiveWell at work with CGR- Community & Government Relations Unit—Shared Salad Lunches.

LiveWell spoke to Natalia Luna and some of her crew in CGR.  They have created the brilliant opportunity to share salad lunches with each other for a few months.  Each person who participates gets assigned a day Monday through Thursday to bring a salad lunch for the team.

This is what they say about the benefits of sharing salad lunches together:

  • They are not as hungry, and they don’t snack on chips, candy or other junk as much
  • They are motivated to sit for a moment and talk with each other
  • They save time and money because they only prepare lunch once a week- most weeks each person spends about $20total for the team.
  • The lunches are healthy and delicious – they always include a source of protein and plenty of healthy veggies, fruits and greens.
 If you want to know more ask Natalia Luna (, Anna Zepeda (, Christopher Lewis (, or Ally Kubochi(