Spotlight Q4 2019

Staying Warm- Inside and Out  

It’s a confusing time of year. Temperatures can be close to 90 degrees, yet our bodies are telling us to get cozy and break out the warm blankets and fuzzy slippers. It can all make perfect sense though. We are experiencing a beautiful time of year when everything around us seems to be bursting with color, but we know that it is impermanent. Soon enough those colorful leaves will start to fall and the air will turn cooler.


And just as nature around us will begin to recede, so will we. We go from external living to internal living. We are drawing on our reserves that we acquired all year long. Not only physical reserves, but also the reserves we built up by exercising our bodies, eating energy producing foods and also the amount of self-care we have invested in.


If you feel like maybe your reserve tank is not full, then take these last few weeks (maybe even month) to start now. Get out and enjoy the sunshine. Visit a pumpkin patch or pick some fall perfect apples! Begin a regular exercise routine, even visit noon yoga on Fridays! There is also simply finding a quiet space, closing your eyes and experiencing the beauty of the present moment.